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You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure




VRTX – Voice Recording Technology

T1, PRI, SIP Line Side Recording

Recording Rules – Set calls to be recorded by incoming  number, External number, Account Code, Agent, Hunt Group,  Time of Day, Call Direction and More – You get to choose  which calls to record

Manuel Recording – Stop, Start and Pause call recording

PCI and HIPPA Compliant

Cradle to Grave – Program that allows you to sort and search  for any call and see every detail contained within that call, and  listen to the call

Email, Download and Delete Recordings – permissions  within the software

Dynamic Recording Ports

Retention Policies – Auto-delete emails to make room for  new recordings or delete recordings after a time period (set by  customer)

Recording Monitor – See a realtime view of the currently  recorded calls

Call Compression and Encryption


Agent Dashboards

• Customizable Agent Displays – Showing call stats, queue  status, group stats and more

• Pop-up Notifications  – POP Screen on inbound and outbound  calls

• Account Code Association – Also referred to as Job Codes or  Disposition codes

• CRM Pop Screen Integration

• Custom Note field

• Aux Work Codes – Also known as busy reason codes or After  Call Work (ACW) States

• Presence Display – for all dashboard agents


Chronicall Agent Timeline

See what each agent is doing in real time, for any given time.

The Agent Timeline is a revolutionary user interface completely unique to Chronicall. It provides a contextual understanding to the ever-changing dynamics of your call center rather than simply showing what your agents are doing right now. Let the accurate and easy-to-use tools in Chronicall Realtime take the guesswork out of managing your call center. Your supervisors can effortlessly see the data and make the time-critical adjustments needed to improve productivity and increase profits.


Chronicall Realtime Statistics

See exactly what you want to see. Exactly how you want to see it.

Who knows your business better than you? We don’t pretend to know which statistics are most important to the daily operations of your unique company. With our Realtime Canvas view, we let you easily find and professionally display live statistics about anything happening in your phone system. You decide what you want to see and let Chronicall do the rest. With an unlimited number of canvases, you can always get the information you need, when you need it.


Gauge Widget

Being able to see your call statistics at any time is only one benefit of the gauge widget. You can also see your statistics change over time and watch them approach critical user-defined thresholds. If the time callers are spending in queue is getting out of hand, you will be able to see the problem coming and fix it early. If the total number of outbound calls placed is approaching the daily goal, you will know that you need to prepare for the celebrations. Easily keep your call center data within the most productive range with the powerful monitoring tool.


Bar Chart Widget

The bar chart widget can be used to compare any statistic between individuals or groups. The selected values are calculated and displayed whenever there is a change to allow for instant comparison. You can choose to compare as many or as few groups necessary and change the color scheme to make it fit your canvas. Simply mouse over any bar to see its exact value at the moment.


Text Widget

With the text widget, you can take customization to a whole new level by placing messages or labels wherever you’d like. You can also display realtime statistics alongside your static text. As with other widgets, the formatting is fully customizalbe and can change based on the value of the statistic and limits you define. By default, text has a transparent background and be placed over the image already on the canvas. Or, to make the text stand out, fill the background with the color of your choice.


Group Box Widget

The group box widget quickly and clearly shows the queue information for any given group. Display this key information right along side any other widget showing your managers what they need to know.


The Next Revolution in Call Recording Solutions

Don’t let anything come between you and accurate call recordings. Capture them at the source with Xima Software’s VRTX (Voice Recording Technology) solution. Simply connect the in-line hardware between your T1, E1, or SIP physical circuit and your phone system, then plug it in to your Chronicall server. The VRTX hardware will record everything that passes through and report it to Chronicall, where the Recording Library module will pick up those recordings and make them available to listen to from the Cradle to Grave interface.

Like Chronicall, Xima VRTX hardware is highly modular. Each type of VRTX hardware can be used in any combination. A Recording Library license is prerequisite for all hardware, and each appliance is covered under Xima Care. A 7′ Cat 5 patch cable and a 6′ USB cable are also included with each VRTX appliance.

The VRTX Advantage

Xima VRTX solutions and the recordings created with them are PCI compliant, CE certified, and court admissible. The hardware is also eligible for coverage by our worldclass support package, Xima Care, so you can rest assured knowing that Xima has all of your technical support and troubleshooting covered. All of these factors combined with low cost and easy installation make it simple to choose VRTX as your call recording solution.

To find out more, talk to a Xima sales representative by calling 888-944-9462 option 3 or sending an email to

Standard Reports

Cradle to Grave – Program that allows you to sort, search for  any call and see every detailed contained within that call`

• 50 Standard Reports – Agent Reports, Group Reports, Trunk,  Performance Reports, Time Interval Reports, Customer Reports

• Report Scheduling – Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly –  Emailed, Saved to the Directory, Printed

• Internal Chat and File sharing – For entire organization

911 Alerting – Email, SMS text and desktop notification

• Unlimited Logins – Web browser and desktop client

Custom Reports

Unlimited Reports – Create unlimited amount of new reports with built in report wizard

• Edit Existing Reports – Edit any existing standard report

• Custom Call Values – Re-define standard call values

Custom Skin creator Insert custom logo, header and colors to  brand the report

Call Costing, location Reporting

• Auto-email on value thresholds



• Agent Time Line – See the current state of the agent,  including group status, DND status and login status

• Group Time Line – See the current calls in queue, the agents status, and duration of each of the queued calls

• Alerts and Triggers – Audible alarms, Email, SMS Text and  pop screen notification on thresholds

• Realtime Stats – Customizable wallboards that can be  displayed on a flat screen TV, accessed from any PC on the  network

• Additional Reports – Reporting Agent Time Card, Login  durations, and DND durations


Chronicall Realtime

Knowing what your agents are doing is important. Understanding why they are doing it is empowering.


Chronicall Group Statistics

See accurate queue statistics. Efficiently manage your call center.

Accurate queue statistics are vital for efficient call center management. Chronicall Realtime provides an in-depth graphical look at each of your queues by comparing queue length, average time, and longest wait side by side. The continuously updating bar and line graphs, along with the embedded agent roster, give supervisors the background they need to adjust resource allocation on the fly.


Leaderboard Widget

The Leaderboard Widget is a simple yet powerful way to visualize your data and compare the productivity of your agents and groups. You choose whose data you want to see and which statistics to display. The data is updated in true real-time. Rows can be rearranged to let you know who is leading in which area. Whether you want to know who has placed the most outbound calls or which agent has the shortest ring time, the Leaderboard is the tool for you.


Marquee Widget

The marquee widget presents a constant stream of information to your call center. You can place company announcements or remind employees of goals and quotas. The marquee can show daily totals or current counts. Each statistic can be customized with its own threshold and color schemes. Separate the messages with your own logo or icon.

Title Value Widget

You know the key indicators of success and failure for your call center. The title value widget lets you keep the important stats front and center. Easily define the value and give it a meaningful title. Now you can instantly see what you need to know withour searching, waiting, or wondering.


Pie Chart Widget

The pie chart widget is a great tool for comparing groups and individuals based on percentages. All of the data from your phone system can be compared by this widget, so the possibilities are endless. You can define the colors and statistics to meet your needs, and simply mouse over any section to see its exact value.


Agent Box Widget

Group leaders can customize their canvas with an agent box widget for each agent in their group. Each box shows the name, image and current status of the agent, as well as the duration of their current state and the groups they are a part of. The color and background of each box are deifned by what the agent is doing at the moment.


Image Widget

Nothing sets your Realtime canvas apart like your own images. The image widget lets you add images to your canvas and arrange them to create completely customized appearance. Display your logo to generate company pride and foucs. The transparent portions of the images you add will stay transparent on the canvas, allowing you to create a clean and professional layered look.


Voice Recording Technology


VRTX-T1 / VRTX-E1 / VRTX-SIP Specifications

The VRTX-T1, VRTX-E1, and VRTX-SIP lines of hardware come in a small black plastic case about the size of a smartphone. Each piece is powered with a USB cable, which also transmits recording data to the Chronicall server. The only difference between these models is which type of phone line they support.

• Height: 1 in.

• Width: 2 in.

• Length: 4 in.

• Weight: 1.5 oz.

• Number of physical trunks recorded with one VRTX: 1

• Powered over USB

14 Southern California

14 Utah

14 Oklahoma

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