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Rimrock Telecom Services traces its roots back to 1997 in Northern Utah when Nathan Harmon helped start Utah Phone Company. Since then we’ve evolved into Rimrock Telecom, doing business in Utah, Southern California and Oklahoma. Rimrock is a trusted Avaya Business Partner, selling Avaya products for small and medium sized businesses.

Along with Avaya equipment sales, Rimrock is famous for fast, reliable telecom service and support. Our customers know they can always reach a live technician who’s ready to solve their problem on the spot. Our staff are constantly training on the latest telecom technology and we know the legacy systems
inside-and-out too.

Nathan Harmon

After 12 years in technical customer service, Nathan established the service arm of Utah Phone Company. 13+ years and hundreds of happy customers later Rimrock Telecom provides the expertise and reliability that fast-growing small and medium sized businesses demand.
We’d love for you to finally experience an exceptional level of service while saving more than you thought possible on your new or used phone system. We can even help you save on your monthly business phone and data plans.

“As I got into the Telecom industry the complaint I heard most often was that once the equipment sale was over it was extremely difficult to get support. You’d get voicemail and no call back for a day or two and then if you finally did get a call back, the price for a service visit
was very high. We decided to change that.
“Our customers can always immediately reach us and most of our service calls are included with the original system installation.”
Nathan Harmon

The Rimrock Telecom Team

With dozens of years of experience, the Rimrock team can put together affordable, reliable business phone systems for all types of small and medium sized businesses. And we are always available to support you, regardless of what kind of system you have. Give us a call and finally enjoy the telecommunications support you need and deserve.

Wayne Harmon
Wayne HarmonCertified Technician
Bruce Harmon
Bruce Harmon Certified Technician
Larry Phillps
Larry PhillpsCertified Technician

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